Humans of AI.

‘Humans of AI’ is a project born from the idea of combining artificial intelligence with natural intelligence. In this photographic journey we will discover a series of charismatic characters that have a good story to tell. Images created with the help of MidJourney and stories created by talented and varied people with a lot of imagination.

A branded content project that aims to bring together talent, innovation and entertainment.
But don’t believe anything because it’s all ‘based on a fake story’.

Special mention to Maud McCauffrey, creative copywriter and mistress of most of the English versions and to all those who are getting involved.

As a sample, these are my three stories (yes, I also like to write). You can see more stories here @humansofai_project. Enjoy the trip 🌍.


  • Andrea García (Rick and Daniel / Charlotte / Akram).
  • Jaime Ludeña (Hitomi Keiko).
  • Maud McCaffrey (Agnes).
  • Silvia Otón (Ava).
  • Tito Rocha (Djibril).
  • Ana Martín (Lobster Man).
  • Alba Quevedo (Anne).